Signs of a Pandemic

In May 2020, in an effort to document the COVID-19 pandemic, we put out a public call with the following prompt: “What signs* have you noticed around San Jose during the shelter in place order? [*interpret ‘signs’ however you wish!].” These photographs represent the submissions we received. To submit a sign to this collection, email us your photo at Continue reading Signs of a Pandemic

Archiving a Pandemic

Public health crises are often marked by various kinds of data: red-dotted maps, pie charts, and line graphs. We tabulate the tests administered, the lives saved or lost, the points in the stock market, the beds and ventilators in local ICUs, the shortages of objects, the vital signs of those who fall ill.  The few stories that become woven into history are often sensational, racist, … Continue reading Archiving a Pandemic

San Jose Time Capsule (Living Histories Vol. 1)

A collective attempt at constructing an electronic time capsule; that is, a cache of artifacts that might assist future beings in understanding our present moment. Rather than “bury” the time capsule, we are presenting these artifacts online so that living beings can access them, now and into the future. Continue reading San Jose Time Capsule (Living Histories Vol. 1)