Santa Clara County COVID-19 Financial Solidarity

Update 2/6/2021: This financial solidarity project will be closing at the end of February 2021.

We will be closing the Santa Clara County Financial Solidarity spreadsheet and ending the Archive408 Santa Clara County Financial Solidarity project at the end of February 2021.

Many community members have received financial support through this project, which we hope has made a positive impact. We are grateful to those individuals who contributed a total of almost $31,000 towards these ends. Many other community members haven’t received any money at all over these past months. A disappointing challenge we’ve faced is that many people with money hesitate to redistribute it directly to people in the community; instead, they prefer to donate to nonprofit organizations. We have tried to shift public perception about mutual aid efforts, but in the end, we were unable to meet everyone’s requests.

We hold space for your frustration and disappointment with this project and we are completely open to your feedback, opinions, thoughts, or reflections if you would like to share them with us. We have learned many lessons through this financial solidarity project, and we plan to compile our reflections about this work in the future.

We will keep a record of the spreadsheet in case anyone needs information from it in the future, but it will no longer be publicly accessible starting in March 2021. If you need any information from the page, please get it during February.

You can reach us via email at

If you are interested in accessing other local mutual aid efforts, South Bay Mutual Aid is another local group doing this work, the link to their website is:

In Solidarity,

About the Financial Solidarity Project

This is a mutual aid project that allows individuals to give and request financial assistance in a transparent and public forum. We intend for it to be community-run with little need for oversight; however, if you have any questions or troubles with the form you can email us at

Those wishing to request or offer financial assistance can access the resource here:

We have adapted this resource (with permission) from the template by COVID-19 Mutual Aid.

Requesting Financial Assistance

If the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis is impacting your livelihood and you need support, post your requests via the link above. If you are unable to access the resource, please email us your request (including your Venmo/paypal/cashapp handles and the dollar amount you need) at and we will enter it for you.

Offering Financial Assistance

If you are a white-collar employee working from home and still being paid your full salary, or if you have financial means from your family or another source, fulfill requests via the link above.


If there are no unmet requests, please consider adding your name to the open offers tab!

Other South Bay Area Mutual Aid Resources

MUTUAL AID PROJECTS are a form of political participation in which people take responsibility for caring for one another and changing political conditions, not just through symbolic acts or putting pressure on their representatives in government, but by actually building new social relations that are more survivable. Mutual aid projects are built on an understanding that it is the system, not the people suffering under it, that creates poverty, crisis, and vulnerability. [Source: Big Door Brigade]

Land Acknowledgement

It is critically important to name that settlers came to this region and labeled it Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley, and San Jose.  We wish to acknowledge this region is actually the stolen and unceded land of the indegenous peoples such as the Amah Mutsun and the Muwekma Ohlone, among others. We must combine words with action. We encourage those who are able to offer money in this mutual aid project to also give to the indigenous communities that continue to access, protect, and steward the lands that are integral to their identity and culture. Visit their website here:

Regarding Our Use of Google Sheets

We are using Google Sheets to organize this project. We continue to be extremely critical of the harmful impacts of Google and tech industry here in San Jose, the South Bay Area, and “Silicon Valley” especially. These harmful impacts include environmental racism, settler colonialism, capitalism, white supremacy, ableism, displacement, and gentrification perpetuated by technology companies like Google. We remain critical of Google and against the Google Diridon Station Development. 

Our choice to use Google Sheets for this project is based on its widespread use, free access, and ease of use. We understand that this work, at the intersection of many systems of oppression, also makes us complicit as we are trying to build a different, liberatory future in the process. We are open to your feedback.

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