San Jose Time Capsule: Call for Submissions

Deadline: 30 August 2019

It is 300 years in the future, and our present San Jose is now history. What objects, sounds, or other artifacts would you preserve to give our ascendants (human or nonhuman!) a sense of our 2019 lives?

Archive408 is constructing an electronic time capsule; that is, a cache of artifacts that might assist future beings in understanding our present moment. Rather than “bury” the time capsule, we will share it in an online article format so that living beings can access it, now and into the future. We will present all accepted submissions collectively.

We are interested in a broad array of personal and/or political submissions, on topics that range from the mundane to the momentous.  We encourage both “real” and imagined submissions.

Anyone who has lived in Santa Clara County may participate.

To contribute, please send us one of the following:

  1. An image with an accompanying caption of up to 200 words, OR
  2. A sound file with an accompanying caption of up to 200 words

(See specific Image Guidelines and Sound Guidelines below.)

Email your submission, along with a one line biographical statement, to

We do accept submissions offered under a pseudonym.

Image Guidelines

Submit a photograph of a place, event, or object. All image submissions should be .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif formats. 

Include with your submission:

  1. Title of image
  2. The photographer’s name
  3. Date the photo was taken (day, month, year if you know all 3)
  4. General location
  5. An image description

OF NOTE: We aim to avoid creating a surveillance database. Because facial recognition technology can access and use public images, we will blur out the faces of photographic subjects who are still living. We will not blur out the faces of those who are now deceased, or those in photographs that are over 30 years old.

Sound Guidelines

You can submit up to three minutes of sound. Submissions can be music, conversations, ambient noise, descriptions of events or places, short oral histories, etc.  All sound submissions should be on .mp3 or .wav files. 

Include with your submission:

  1. Title of recording
  2. Name(s) of the person(s) who captured the recording
  3. Date of the recording (day, month, year if you know all three)
  4. General location
  5. Any context you wish to provide for future listeners

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